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Track Record

For many years, as hands-on practitioners working with clients, we searched for a flexible 360 degree tool that catered to our high demands such as: no-hassle interface for administrators and users, easy handling of different languages, automatic email reminders, flexible reports etc - When we couldn't locate such a tool we decided to develop it ourselves.... That was the birth of FeedbackOnline™!

The development team behind FeedbackOnline™ has more than 15 years of experience in designing and successfully implementing online tailored 360 degree feedback to companies and organizations of all sizes and locations, often in an international context.

Response from our existing clients exceeded our expectations. We therefore chose to launch the tool publicly and make it available to everyone, at anytime. Our pricing philosophy aims to make FeedbackOnline™ affordable even for very small organizations or even consultants who want to use it for their own clients.

We hope you will like it and that it will support your work helping people and organizations to grow and perform at their best!

Why Choose Us?

FeedbackOnline offers a service which is both cost effective and high value. It requires minimal investment of your own time should you choose an off the shelf assessment, or we can tailor the questionnaire to suit your specific needs - We can easily incorporate your own competency model and values. FeedbackOnline are able to provide you with support and help each step of the way.