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Frequently asked Questions

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How do I gain access to the FeedbackOnline software?

The FeedbackOnline 360 degree software is completely Internet-based, meaning there is no software for you to install and there is access 24/7 from any location for any end user. You incur no extra maintenance or upgrade costs. You simply use your browser to log-on to the secure FeedbackOnline website. It really is that fast and that straightforward. All you need is internet access, a browser plus Adobe Reader for the pdf reports.

Do I have to have technical knowledge to administer/use the FeedbackOnline 360 degree software?

No, the FeedbackOnline 360 degree tool is designed so that a minimum of computer knowledge is necessary. Our user-friendly design and help movies will guide you through the process. We can also provide a digital manual for the set-up and running of 360 degree feedback projects.

Can I customize the FeedbackOnline 360 degree questionnaires? Exactly what can I customize?

Almost every aspect of the 360 degree questionnaire process can be adapted to suit your needs. Customization of FeedbackOnline includes the creation of introductory pages for the online questionnaire,the e-mail communications, your own logo visible in the rating process and much more.

Can we use our own questions that tie in with our organization's vision?

Yes, you can use your own questions. Or you can tailor make a 360 degree questionnaire by combining them with other questions from our extensive library of statements.

Can I run different 360 degree questionnaires for different departments, according to our own specifications?

You can have as many different questionnaires as your organization requires.

Are the statements/competency frameworks provided by FeedbackOnline validated and reliable?

Validated? No. Reliable? Yes. In general, many 360 degree feedback users believe in the fact that the optimal and most reliable competency list is developed when organizations contribute their own understanding of the project and the environment to the compilation of a unique list of competencies for the organization. Organizations (in general) use their own internal set of standards and competencies, instead of trying to use others. The majority of our users tailor make the 360 feedback questionnaires to suit their specific feedback requirements. "Validated" competency lists suggest that you can successfully compare organizations and people in particular job groups. The use of so-called "industry standards" often results in the sacrifice of local impact, meaning, and utility.

Does FeedbackOnline select respondents automatically, or do we choose them?

FeedbackOnline has no automatic respondent selection, the participant or the administrator can add respondents. FeedbackOnline believes that the selection of respondents by the participants can be a powerful part of the development process. By selecting their own respondents Participants connect themselves to the 360-degree feedback process. The FeedbackOnline 360 degree process initiates a positive attitude of openness to the feedback given.

Are there size limits on the FeedbackOnline 360 degree questionnaires?

FeedbackOnline allows you to create questionnaires with no size limitations, you can have as many questions & categories as you like. In FeedbackOnline you can run more than one 360 degree project at one time, with as many participants as you require.

What's included in the Feedbackonline 360 degree Report?

The FeedbackOnline Reports provide all the information you need. We can provide summaries of organizational averages, averages of the individual categories in chart form, Top Ten Strengths & Development area lists and open text comments from respondents. Text comments are reproduced in a random order to preserve anonymity (except those comments from self and manager). The FeedbackOnline 360 degree Report is generated as a PDF file which can be read and printed using Adobe Reader (download free from www.adobe.com).

Can the FeedbackOnline 360 degree program generate reports sorted by various departments or divisions so that we can see trends across the organization?

Yes, their are reports available that combine the results based on a specific questionnaire or group of 360 participants.

When the participants receive their report, what support is available for them?

FeedbackOnline believes that the best support is human support - a coach, consultant, mentor, supervisor or manager who takes time to go through the report with the participant.

Do you offer consulting support?

We at FeedbackOnline have access to a broad network of experienced consultants that are ready to support you in developing your 360 degree feedback process, training participants, coaching subjects of 360 degree feedback, and leading your organization through a change process.

What happens to my data?

All responses to questionnaires are stored on our secure server.

What level of data security can I expect?

FeedbackOnline 360 degree software has high levels of security: Professional protection: staff are led by consultants with professional commitment to confidentiality, anonymity, and safety for all affected by 360 degree feedback. All data transfers (to or from administrators and responders) are 128-bit encrypted. FeedbackOnline Administrator's access to private pages requires a user name and secret password, allowing no access to the data of other users. FeedbackOnline Participant's access to their own private page requires a user name and secret password, allowing no access to the data of other users. Respondents to the 360 degree questionnaires also use secure links sent via e-mail, so that they can access only their designated survey, they cannot see the responses of other respondents.

Why Choose FeedbackOnline?

FeedbackOnline offers a service which is both cost effective and high value. It requires minimal investment of your own time should you choose an off the shelf assessment, or we can tailor the questionnaire to suit your specific needs - We can easily incorporate your own competency model and values. FeedbackOnline are able to provide you with support and help each step of the way.